Monitors and Controls

Spot-On Irrigation Monitors and Controls

Trained and Educated

Our service providers at First Priority Irrigation have the necessary education and training to help you correct any issues or concerns with your irrigation systems monitoring or controls. Let us take a look today. We hire the very best, so you get the very best, that’s our promise.

Irrigation Monitors and Controls

Like most things in this world irrigation systems are taking that next step into the future. What was once water powered is now run by computers and electric motors. We’re here to help you with your irrigation system.

Putting You First

You don’t make it that far in this business without making sure the customer knows how important they are. We’re only as successful as the service we provide. For all questions and concerns contact us today!

Types of Controls

  • Ag Sense
  • Variable frequency drive
  • Single
  • 3-phase
  • Single to 3-phase conversion
When it comes to irrigation monitors and controls you need someone you can rely on, call us today for a FREE estimate!
We have stepped into the future of irrigation services. Our team is trained to help with your irrigation monitor and control needs. Our staff attends ongoing training every two years.
At First Priority Irrigation, you are guaranteed excellent work at affordable rates.
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